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The Egyptian Misraïm Rite is subdivided in 90 Degrees and 17 Classes forming a well-organized ritual hierarchic structure. On the top there is Imperatore Conservatore-Gran Hyerofante Nazionale supreme protector of this peculiar hermetic tradition.

The origin of this Rite is misterious since they dates back to napoleonic era; in those times masonry, egypt, kabala and gnosis were tied togheter by Marc Bédarride, a napoleonic Officer; he was as well an antiquarian, archaeologist, free-mason and esotericist. With his brother Michel he began to spread this Rite, the Symbols and Degrees; he wrote too a book concerning the myth of the origin of Egyptian Misraïm Rite

The Misraïm structure may seem complex, but it is very similar to other ritual systems operating today, like for example RSAA.

However - for the ones who decide to follow this path - the main difference from other Rites is a complete freedom of choice in practicing many types of traditional disciplines: philosophical, hermetic, kabalistic etc. Each one is free to explore the vast array of knowledge out there. Misraïm only give them the tools.

They ritually operate in Lodges of Perfection, Chapters, Consistories and Councils like any other ritual masonic system.

Arcana Arcanorum, the last four degrees, are directly managed by Imperatore Conservatore-Gran Hyerofante Nazionale.

Misraïm symbology and Rituals were carefully studied and screened with philological attention using modern and ancient published and unpublished sources.